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What attracts us to him or her?  Is it the sparkling eyes, the booming voice, the jokes, the sultry walk, the gleaming smile, the talent, the skill, the car, the house, and/or the bank accounts? 

  Or were we really attracted to that certain something in each one of us that Maya Angelou refers to as “phenomenal”?  That light which could be obvious to the person seeking it or “hidden under a bushel” as the Bible says. The condition of our light could depend on the age we’ve reached in life or the circumstances we’ve faced.

Like a moth to a flame or electric light, we are seeking that something in another person.   The moth will eventually burn if it keeps flying around the flame--just as a human may be damaged in his or her attraction to an opposite, whether in gender or personality. 

Another person may control us or abuse us physically, sexually, mentally, verbally, and/or  financially. The better, but just as potent person, may inspire us, or help light our way to where we need to be.

When two spider webs that became attached are torn apart, each still keeps parts from the other.  When two hearts come together as one, one half may allow itself to be drained and begins to fade.  Its identity becomes lost in the other half which is nourished and better defined, thereby becoming the stronger half, whether male or female. 

The suitor who wins you may try to stifle what attracted them to you in the first place (like the journalist in the movie, The Help) or you will self-stifle your own light (like the swimmer in the movie, How to Make an American Quilt).
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